1. commission for my sweet sweet friend kelsey


  2. she had a heart attack just now. she’s dead.


  3. The Feast of St. Jughead the Apostle. 30x40” acrylic on canvas.


  4. "This night my mind was filled with Halloween — there was to be a pageant representing our county’s agricultural products; I was to be a ham. Jem said he would escort me to the school auditorium. Thus began our longest journey together."

    24x36 acrylic on canvas.


  5. if you’re still there when it snows will you still be there when it goes


  6. stop pretending stop that frontin i can’t take it


  7. i was thinking about how i don’t look like any of my baby pictures


  8. idk


  9. old commission for a friend of his dog (boba fett) eating IG88’s arm like a bone whilst han in carbonite gazes on longingly


  10. my boyfriend loves riff raff so i figured the most iconic valentine’s day present i could give him would be a gouache detail of jody’s most egregious tattoo


  11. finally scanned in some assorted photobooth pics from the last couple years that i always have floating in my periphery


  12. dumb lil paintings based on lineapp stickers


  13. little set of paintings i did from photos i took this summer in germany with my friends. the first is at Filmpark Babelsberg, a semi-functioning theme park and studio, and the second is from Spreepark Plänterwald, a formerly functioning East German theme park that is now a haven for urban explorers. feral everything


  14. commission for ashley and her bf, lil frames of things they love around them


  15. this is my last ever grad school project. these are stills from a class assignment where we each had to choose a scene from a film and use shot design tenets to create images as stills from the unmade film. i chose to design and shoot the scene from the grapes of wrath immediately after connie has left his pregnant teen wife rosasharn and the rest of the joad family. she is inconsolable waiting for him to return, even as ma joad implores her to get herself lookin’ mighty pretty for a dance at their new government camp. my actress/fellow production designer is the inimitable anna maylynn hudman (annahudman.com).